'The View' cohost questions Kellyanne Conway over Trump campaign

By Derek Lawrence
Updated September 29, 2016 at 07:31 PM EDT

Whoopi Goldberg has plenty of questions about Donald Trump, and she was serious about seeking answers when his campaign manager appeared on The View Thursday.

Sitting across from Kellyanne Conway at the talk show’s famous glass table, the cohosts asked why her boss body-shamed women, refused to appear on the show, and didn’t share specifics about his policy plans. But the most intense moment came when Goldberg asked why Trump isn’t releasing his tax returns to the public. After Conway discussed her belief that Trump has more stamina than his rival Hillary Clinton and avoided cohost Joy Behar’s questions about Trump’s sniffles during the presidential debate, Conway tried to shift the conversation to Clinton’s email scandal. Goldberg wasn’t having any of it.

“Here’s the problem, Kelly. And once you open that can of worms, we have to then open your can of worms,” Goldberg started off. “He said he’ll release the tax returns when her emails are released. Where are his damn tax returns and why don’t we know what he spent? Where is it? Because I know what size Hillary Clinton’s bra cup is, I know how much she spent on her bra — the transparency is insane.”

Conway once again attempted to bring the discussion back to Clinton’s emails. “I don’t want to know that about her,” she responded. “What I want to know is what she was hiding in those 33,000 emails she deleted.”

That didn’t satisfy Goldberg, who continued to pressure Conway into answering the question. Conway began to echo Trump’s argument for not releasing the tax returns while he’s under audit by the IRS.

“It’s bull,” said Goldberg. “What is he hiding?”

Goldberg later took on a new topic: why Trump himself wouldn’t appear on The View. “I’m glad to see you here,” she said. “It would have been nice if he had showed up, because I noticed he goes to all the shows where the guys are. How come he didn’t come today?”

Conway said she’d share the invitation, only for Goldberg to highlight how he had been invited to appear on the show numerous times. As Conway tried to explain that he’s not often in New York, where The View is taped, Goldberg said, “Honey, I’m a New Yorker. Don’t B.S. a B.S.er.”

Watch Goldberg question Conway in the clips above and below.

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