By Christian Holub
September 29, 2016 at 11:47 AM EDT

When Jimmy Fallon had Sting on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, he decided to make the most of the singer’s talents with a game of First Textual Experience. Together, Sting and Fallon took turns reading embarrassing first text messages between romantic partners, but unlike past iterations, they added a musical element this time, half-singing most of the messages. 

One group of messages in particular seemed made for this musical format. Fallon sang the part of a guy named Tim whose first message — “Hey, it’s Tim. Here’s my number” — unfortunately gets sent over and over by his faulty phone. So Fallon sang each version of the message, imbuing them with increasing desperation every time. Sting voiced the recipient, Emilee, who responded to Tim by sending her own message four times. Sting was practically belting out the fourth one, as the audience cheered.

The last thread found two people texting nothing but the word “LOL” back and forth, so Fallon and Sting sang that before turning it into a version of The Police’s “Message In a Bottle,” with “LOL” substituted for “SOS.” 

Watch the clip below.

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