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Thanks to the impending presidential election, the Donald Trump campaign’s racist rhetoric, and continuing police shootings of black civilians, tensions are high when it comes to race in America right now. In an attempt to bridge the gap, The Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste asked various black celebrities (and recent The Late Show guests) to contribute to a PSA called Hey White People!, which the show played on Wednesday night.

The clip features advice, admonishments, and insights from a range of celebrities. Tituss Burgess complains about the lengths white people will go in order to not call something “racist,” often using other terms like “racially-tinged.” Gayle King wants to know what the “dark” part of “tall, dark, and handsome” refers to. Michael K. Williams wants to demonstrate that just because he’s a black actor with a facial scar, doesn’t mean he always has to play thugs; he even dresses up in a Hamlet costume and gives the Yorick monologue to a skull. Samuel L. Jackson is angry about being mistaken for a caddy recently, and Anthony Anderson is tired of white people walking around barefoot.

“Everywhere is not your kitchen, okay? These streets are dirty,” Anderson said. “I don’t even know if it’s safe to walk around with shoes on, to be honest. You nasty. And quit kissing your dogs on the mouth!”

Watch the clip below.

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