By Dalton Ross
September 28, 2016 at 10:27 PM EDT

This Is Us rocked us with another big twist at the end of its second episode Monday night, and if you have not yet watched it, then STOP READING IMMEDIATELY.

Okay, you’ve been warned. At the very end of the episode we saw Randall welcome his parents for a visit, only one of his parents was not whom we expected. There was Mandy Moore’s Rebecca, but instead of Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack, it was Jack’s old best friend Miguel (Jon Huertas) standing there as Rebecca’s husband.

SAY WHAT?!? While viewers may have gasped as the reveal, what did the woman at the center of the twist think when she found out about it? We asked Mandy Moore when she stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) for her reaction and the actress admits that she was upset, but for the same reason you were — because she too is rooting for these characters. And rooting for love!

“My reaction was, I was a bit bummed out,” says Moore. “Because I love Milo… [Creator Dan Fogelman] told us there is a certain point where Jack and Rebecca — something happens in the marriage and there is a rift.… It is addressed later down the line moving forward in this season. But for there to be this revelation of, like, Oh, wow. It’s present day and Jack and Rebecca are no longer together. What happened? Where is he?’All of those are still up in the air.”

Moore also talked about the lengthy process of fine-tuning the aging makeup to play elder, modern-day Rebecca: “I’m aging 34 years,” she says. “The first makeup test they did they took me to, like, 80! It was way too old! But she’s wealthy, I feel like she would have gotten a lot of facials and skin care for herself. So we ended up doing about five different makeup tests and it takes about four to five hours to put on the prosthetics each application. So it was a lot of time to sit there in my own head and watch the transformation. But we finally nailed it.”

Moore admits that viewers aren’t the only ones crying watching the show. “I cried the first time I saw the first episode,” she admits. “Because the nature of the show and the fact that we’re all living these separate lives and have these separate stories, I didn’t know what was being filmed. I filmed the first two days of the pilot. So I didn’t know anything about Chrissy and Sterling’s and Justin’s storylines. I had read them obviously, but seeing them all put together for the first time was very moving. Even now, just the other day we had a table read, and I was sitting next to Chrissy and we both we like [makes crying noises]. Every script there is something.”

Speaking of what’s coming up, fans can get excited — or perhaps brace themselves — for what Moore says is being unleashed in a few weeks. “Episode 5, just watch out,” says the actress. “That might be my favorite. Episode 7, which we’re doing now, is really good too, but episode 5 is super special. The end of that episode is so beautiful. Justin Hartley delivers this gorgeous monologue and there is something that is happening while he’s saying this monologue and… I get emotional thinking about it. It’s so beautiful.”

Moore also answered the most important This Is Us question of all: Does she prefer Bearded Milo or Mustache Milo? “He’s so handsome he can pull off either. I don’t think there are many men that can pull off both and he really does. If I had to pick, I’d say beard. I like the beard more than a ’stache, just in general. But he’s so darn handsome he can do both.”

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