Despite opening to mixed reviews and great success in China, hordes of armies and protection spells couldn’t protect Warcraft from the Honest Trailers treatment.

The Screen Junkies-created satirical series took on Duncan Jones’ latest CGI-fest Tuesday. The epic video game film adaptation features a myriad of recognizable characters and creatures, but overall it apparently becomes “the world’s most expensive un-skippable cutscene.” Comparing the film’s budget and effects to that of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the narrator makes sure to point out that this adaptation was meant to give a good name to the video game world, but instead became a “gorgeous looking high-budget mess.”

Rolling through the overstuffed character list, there’s a high-profile cameo that can’t be overlooked. “Aw! Why did they have to drag Glenn Close into this?” complains the narrator. The actress played Alodi, but went uncredited in the film’s original release.

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The names become so convoluted that the epic narrator has to reach out for help from YouTuber MatPat. The Game Theorist manages to get through the litany of histrionics and video game locations, but it just leaves the narrator calling out his “nerd” status; Mat fires back with “noob” to end the argument.

Watch the episode above.

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