Warren Leight calls the GOP nominee a 'human virus'

By Christopher Rosen
September 26, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Donald Trump is a fan of talking about law and order, but the feeling is not mutual.

The Republican nominee has called himself the “law and order candidate” throughout the campaign, and brought up his ideas for policing during Monday night’s presidential debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. But the constant “law and order” refrain was too much for former Law & Order: SVU executive producer Warren Leight.

Leight wrote on Twitter, “stop f—ing talking about Law & Order, you human virus.”

David Slack, a writer and co-producer on the original Law & Order, also took issue with Trump’s comments. “I wrote Law & Order. The only role Donald Trump could have in Law & Order is as a rich bastard suspected of killing his wife.”

Many on Twitter picked up on Trump’s repeated use of “law and order,” including Chance the Rapper.

Check out a GIF of Trump’s law and order remarks below.