By Nick Romano
Updated September 24, 2016 at 08:06 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Will Forte appeared on The Tonight Show to perform with The Roots on Friday, but he did so as a parody persona of musician Gregg Allman, named Gregg Almond.

The “multi Grammy Award-losing rock musician” is one half of the famous Almond Brothers Band. “That’s Almond Brothers, with a D,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “Not to be confused with the Allman Brothers Band, who as everyone knows are a bunch of thieving hacks who stole our careers.”

The Almond Brothers consist of Gregg and his identical cousin Randy Almond, who “bonded in high school over two things: Our love of good, old-fashioned American rock music, and a life-threatening allergy to nuts and legumes.”

Their band name continues to cause problems with fans, who have a habit of throwing nuts at them on stage, assuming the musicians love nuts so much. Gregg said he and Randy released a song, “Please Don’t Put Your Nuts On Us,” to put the issue to rest, but “somehow that just emboldened people to throw more almonds.”

Watch Forte’s bit as Gregg Almond below, as well as his tribute song to Randy.

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