The characters of Amazon’s Transparent had a whirlwind second season, as Maura found companionship and acceptance. But that doesn’t mean the drama is over for the Pfefferman family in season 3. In fact, creator Jill Soloway promises the opposite.

“Things don’t really get easier for any of the Pfeffermans,” she tells EW in an interview. “I think if they got easier, the show wouldn’t be good anymore. So, things just keep getting harder.”

Now out to her family, Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) is enjoying her relationship with Vicki (Anjelica Huston) and working at the LGBT center when we pick back up in season 3. But even though Maura seemingly has everything she wants, she asks herself, “Why am I still not happy?”

“I think it’s a really common thing for people when they have that thing out on the horizon, which is, ‘As soon as I do this, I’m gonna be happy, and when I come out I’ll be happy,'” Soloway says. “And I think when you come out you’re more authentic, but happiness is more elusive and, in some ways, it’s a little bit harder because now you have nothing to blame, and I think all of the Pfeffermans are feeling that.”


Tambor calls Maura’s situation a “great irony.” He explains: “She’s made arguably one of the greatest decisions a person can make, and then now how do you manifest that? Where does she live? Who are her friends? Who does she trust? Will she ever have romantic love again? How will she have romantic love?”

Both Tambor and Soloway won Emmys at this year’s awards ceremony. “[Directing’s] a privilege,” Soloway said during her acceptance speech, “and it also creates privilege when you take women, people of color, trans people, queer people and you put them at the center of a story, the subjects instead of the objects, you change the world, we found out. We found out!”

Watch their video interview above.

— Additional reporting by Robyn Ross

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