By Nick Romano
September 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Curtis Baker/Netflix; Everett Collection

Eleven gives new meaning to the word “slay” in a fan-made mash-up video of Stranger Things and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar famously portrayed the butt-kicking vamp hunter in the beloved series, but it turns out her theme music also pairs well with Netflix’s ’80s-set drama. Millie Bobby Brown, who stars as the telekinetic Eleven, claims the spotlight in the video, which gives Stranger Things a Buffy-style opening credits sequence.

It’s truly the mash-up video you didn’t know you needed, and we have YouTube user Tony Harley to thank. 

Since its premiere on Netflix this past July, Stranger Things has become a sensation — even among celebrities. Daniel Radcliffe and Aaron Paul rank among the diehard fans.

The child actors themselves have become viral stars with their “Uptown Funk” rendition at the Emmys, their spoofs with Stephen Colbert and the late-night circuit, and their impressive pipes.

With more of these video homages popping up as season 2 enters development, it looks like Stranger Things is here for the long haul.