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How will Daisy deal with the fallout of being ready to die in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere? — Sarah

Surprisingly, that’s not her lowest point this season. “I actually don’t think that was rock bottom,” Chloe Bennet tells me. “She was getting on the elevator that takes her to rock bottom. Over the past couple of months, it’s been so much pain that she almost doesn’t feel it anymore. Her distancing herself from the team and from S.H.I.E.L.D. is her way of — you see in episode 2 — she doesn’t want to be doing this. Deep, deep down, she’s in so much pain from keeping herself from the people she cares about, but she also feels like if she gets close to people, someone gets hurt.”

Mer and Riggs on Grey’s Anatomy, please tell me it’s not over between them. — Yolanda

Despite an obvious attraction, Meredith will be keeping Riggs at arm’s length for the foreseeable future. “She really can’t betray her sister again, because the whole premiere episode about Alex being the one who beats up DeLuca is a betrayal because Meredith did not confide to Maggie that she knew who did it,” Ellen Pompeo says. “She can’t betray Maggie again, yet she’s finding herself in this triangle that Maggie for sure is going to see as a betrayal.”

Can’t wait to find out what Iris is up to in Flashpoint on The Flash. — Rey

All I can tell you is that there’s quite a big reveal when it comes to Iris in the premiere — though that doesn’t mean she’s wildly different in the Flashpoint timeline. “She’s a fixed point for Barry Allen, so no matter where we see her, no matter where we find her, she’s still very similar to the Iris that we’ve always known and loved, which is why Barry sees her as the shining star in the sky,” Candice Patton tells me. “He can always find her somewhat the same.” Patton also teases she’s “read some stuff where we’re moving in that direction” of seeing more of Iris’ reporting side this season.

What other news characters are we going to meet on Once Upon a Time besides the Count, Aladdin, Jasmine and Captain Nemo? — Jose

When Cinderella returns in season 6, we’re going to meet her evil stepmom and stepsisters. Much like the first time she appeared on the show, Cinderella’s story will be a reflection of what’s going on with Emma. “That was Emma’s first happy ending she actually returned,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “That was the very first time that Emma, at the end of it, decided to stay in Storybrooke. She saw herself through Cinderella. Now we’re in a situation where what if someone could undo all the happiness you’ve done, would your life matter? [She’s] faced with somebody out there that’s trying to undo the ones [she has] done.”

How was Supergirl? — Donna

The season 2 premiere is definitely a fun mix of comedy and action, along with a pretty surprising exchange between Kara and James. I can’t say more, but I can’t tell you that Brenda Strong joins the Supergirl cast in a recurring role — and she makes quite the first impression in the season 2 premiere.

Please tell me Connor and Oliver aren’t really broken up on How to Get Away with Murder?!? — Jessica

Sadly, they are. However, they’re still in each other’s lives — seriously, Oliver is still taking that job from Annalise. “It’s pretty awkward,” Jack Falahee tells me. “I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to be working with your ex, and it’s very scary too for Connor and everyone else that Oliver is working in such close proximity — emotions are high and they’re obviously keeping a lot of secrets from Oliver. Honestly, I think it’s insane that Annalise hires him given his capabilities to go through electronic files and find things he shouldn’t be finding. That causes a little bit of stress for Connor.” He may get a reprieve from that stress as Falahee teases there’s a chance for new love interests for both Connor and Oliver this season.

Blindspot scoop please! — Erin

I spoke with Jaimie Alexander while they were filming episode 4 and, up until that point, Jane did not yet know about Allie’s pregnancy. “At this point, Jane doesn’t know, no one knows,” she says. “I think it’s going to hurt Jane emotionally, but at the same time, she may even become even more protective over Weller and Weller’s life and even potentially Allie’s life; that’s the type of person who Jane is. But what a devastating blow. Can things get anymore complicated? It’s mean Jane from now, that’s what I’m thinking.”

How often will The Blacklist crossover with Redemption once it debuts? — Sharlene

That’s still being worked out, per EP Jon Bokenkamp. “Part of the fun of it is I feel like we have a handle on who our characters are,” he says. “It’s going to be super fun to explore new territory and yet these characters are super specific. The Redemption characters and the various characters who we set up — and there will be more — those characters could pop over to The Blacklist and vice versa, but we don’t really know yet. We’ll have to see where the stories take us. We’re totally open to the idea. We love the idea.”

Anything on the Ghost Riders on Teen Wolf? — Sarah

This season’s villains aren’t very … vocal. In fact, they never speak during the season premiere. So, can they speak at all? “They will, eventually,” showrunner Jeff Davis says, before adding, “Who they converse with and who is able to converse with them is very specific.” Any guesses?

Any chance Bob Newhart will be back on The Big Bang Theory this season? — Grace

Hopefully! “Any opportunity we can come up with for a good reason to have Bob back, we adore him,” EP Steve Molaro says. “He is a treasure and we’re very lucky to have him around, so it’s just a question of a story that calls for it and makes sense. But if we can come up with one, that would be amazing. He is beloved here.”

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