Credit: Courtesy of Todd Antony/Hartswood Films 2016 for MASTERPIECE

It might be a few months before Sherlock returns for its darkest season yet, but that doesn’t mean the Emmy Award-winning show — or at least its fans — can’t solve a mystery or two while it’s away.

This time the case in question relates to what it is about the PBS show’s cinematography that makes it so good to watch.

Well, Celia Gómez has cracked the case, and the answer, it seems, has to do with the use of visual symmetry.

As she showcases in her video, above, the series frequently uses composition and framing to create scenes and shots that not only frame the world as Sherlock himself sees it, but also highlights his relationship to the various characters within it.

Gómez has previously focused her efforts on documenting and highlighting some of the many movie references in The Simpsons as featured in its 27-season run.

Now, the only mystery that remains is how much time and work Gómez puts into research and editing together her videos.

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