By Jessica Derschowitz
Updated September 23, 2016 at 12:30 PM EDT
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Dwayne Johnson is going Method when it comes to his work on Jumanji — or, at least, he’s trying to.

The actor shared a new video from the Hawaii set of the continuation/reboot, decked out in his Dr. Bravestone character’s khakis and regaling fans with stories of being out in the wilderness.

“We’re deep in the jungle. I believe I am discovering new land, new territories, you can see this is as real as it gets,” he says to the camera. “I have had no water, no food. I’ve been catching fish with my bare hands, that I do not even recognize. They have three heads. I’m hallucinating out here. I have had zero contact with the outside world.”

Well, not quite. The person shooting the video pans to the right and you see a film crew setting up by the river. “Hey, hey, yes. We just keep that on me, you didn’t see that” Johnson laughed.

Johnson’s costar Kevin Hart also shared a video from the set on Thursday. “Having a amazing time on set with Jack Black & [Johnson] ….There is never a dull moment lmao!!!!” he captioned the footage. “P.S the bugs are whooping me & [Karen Gillan’s] ass!!!!

Directed by Jake Kasdan and also starring Black, Gillan, and Nick Jonas, the new Jumanji will make its way into theaters on July 28, 2017.


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