Credit: Murray Close

Those who haven’t been thrilled with the result of Pottermore’s Patronus feature, take some solace in the fact that at least one Harry Potter alum feels your pain.

Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the film series, recently took the experiential quiz at Pottermore. But while Lynch had hoped to score a cat for her embodiment of joy, instead she was given a salmon.

“I don’t geddit @pottermore…all of my happiest memories are spent in the presence of cats. Why oh why is my Patronus a SALMON?! #Patronus,” she tweeted Thursday. “The tragic thing is Salmon was my second (more centred, instinctive) attempt. My first time taking the quiz I got a GREYHOUND. Don’t even.”

Lynch then went into the theoretical situations her salmon Patronus would encounter. “My sad lil salmon would make me cry &feel bad things & doesn’t that defeat the whole point of a patronus?! WHERE IS MY FIERCE LION PATRONUS,” she wrote. “I think I’d be so embarrassed by my salmon I wouldn’t even want dementors to see it so no Patronus for Evy, ok. Goodnight. #PatronusCrisus.” (Lynch was later reassured after fans sent messages of the redeeming side of the fish.)

The quiz also led to author J.K. Rowling sharing what her Patronus was: a heron.

Read Lynch’s tweets below.