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Big Brother season 18 may have just ended, but things are just getting started on Big Brother: Over the Top.

The special fall edition of the summer favorite, which will exclusively stream on CBS All Access, premieres Sept. 28. And this season departs from the usual in more ways than one: For the first time since season 1, fans will be able to vote for the winner. Plus, fans will have a say from the start, when they get to select either season 17’s Jason Roy or season 18’s Jozea Flores to enter the house.

EW caught up with both Jason and Jozea to figure out who is the most deserving. Here, we talk to Jozea, who says being on Over the Top is all about redemption.

Can you believe you might get to be on Big Brother for a second time?

I’m still in the stars about it. It’s wonderful that I’m considered, and I think this time around if I get back in, I can show America who Jozea is and not “the Messiah.”

Why should people pick you over Jason?

Because I still think I have a lot to show and prove to America and I want everyone to see that I can really play Big Brother. If I would have lasted longer in my season, I would have really showed everyone that I can actually play the game. And, you know, I feel like I have more spice and I’m more energetic. I’m just a bubble of fun. [Laughs] I want America to see my other side, the real Jozea.

Looking back on season 18, what’s your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is trusting the wrong alliances and not keeping my mouth shut in certain situations.

So how would you change that if you make it into the house?

This is Big Brother: Over the Top, so I wouldn’t have been considered if I wasn’t over the top. So I know I am over the top. But I’m going to let these new houseguests chew themselves apart and then throw myself where I need to be thrown when the time is right.

You were adamant about getting the vets out in your season. Are you worried that people in season 19 will have that same strategy if you are on?

I was thinking about that because I would be the only returning vet. I would probably play the victim in the beginning, and let everybody know that I’m here to have fun for the fall, to enjoy life, and play with these new houseguests.

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Are there types of players that you’d be nervous to see in the house?

No, I’m actually not intimidated by any type of player. It’s more me, myself, and I — whatever I say, whatever I do. I have to be crucial and careful because people will be having a magnifying glass on my ass. I’m not going against anybody. I’m not holding no meetings, I’m not having anything happen. I’m gonna lay low.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell fans?

Can I give a plea?

Sure — go for it!

America: I want you all to know that I have researched, I have learned, and I have watched, and I am ready to play Big Brother the right way. I will assure you that I’m going to give you the best season ever known to Big Brother.

Before you make your vote on CBS, read our interview with Jason, where he talks about Big Brother: Over the Top being for superfans like himself.

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