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Big Brother season 18 has drawn to a close, but fans don’t have to say goodbye just yet, thanks to Big Brother: Over the Top.

The special fall edition of the summer favorite, which will exclusively stream on CBS All Access, premieres Sept. 28. And this season departs from the usual in more ways than one: For the first time since season 1, fans will be able to vote for the winner. Plus, fans will have a say from the start when they get to select either season 17’s Jason Roy or season 18’s Jozea Flores to enter the house.

EW caught up with both Jason and Jozea to figure out who is the most deserving. Here, we talk to Jason, who says being on “Over the Top” is all about representing his “people.”

How excited are you for this opportunity?

I am beyond excited. I didn’t think I would even get on this show once, never mind a possibility of twice. I don’t know what the hell is going on.

How long have you known this might be coming?

I was given absolutely no notice. It was like, “You want to pick up your life and come out here again?” And I said, “Sure, I’m on it!” When you work a cheap job at a grocery store, it’s really not hard to get your life together in a day or two.

Why should fans vote for you over Jozea?

OK, get ready for it. It’s campaign season, girl. Plain and simple. Jozea is here for Instagram followers and for fame and to probably sell overpriced jock straps for overpriced gay underwear companies. I am a real superfan of the show. Big Brother is not only my favorite show — it is my passion. I am a real strategist. I am someone who actually gives a care about this game. I am who a real Big Brother fan would want to see play. I’ve been watching live feeds for years. And this season being on All Access, this is especially for my people. I want to represent my live feeders.

Would you play the game differently this time if you make it into the house?


If you do get the vote, are you worried about a target on your back?

It depends on how I walk in this house. If Julie Chen tells them, “America has voted this kid in,” everyone’s gonna kiss my ass for like two weeks. I’m gonna play on that, like, “Be best friends with me. America must love me; they just picked me.”

Last chance to make your case — go!

Tell fans that I am one of them. I hope that they see that I deserve another chance. I actually played during my season as well as I could with what I was given that year. I didn’t walk around calling myself Jesus or anything ridiculous like that.

Before you make your vote on CBS, read our interview with Jozea, where he makes a plea to join Big Brother: Over the Top.

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