By Stephen Falk
September 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of FXX’s sharp, raunchy, cult comedy, You’re the Worst, is taking EW behind the scenes. For each episode, one member is recapping, sharing thoughts on what went down, and walking us through the ins-and-outs of the show. This week, the show’s creator, Stephen Falk, takes us through the fourth episode of season 3, “Men Get Strong.”

Hi. My name is Stephen Falk and I am the creator of You’re The Worst. Last night’s episode, “Men Get Strong,” was written by Alison Bennett and directed by me. I started my “career” as a TV recapper, so this feels weird. Then again, the best things do. Let’s go.

Last night, after trying to shuttle the responsibility off onto everyone else, Gretchen finally broke the news to Jimmy that his father died. Instead of trying to talk to him or comfort him, the uncomfortable-with-emotions Gretchen went down on the still-reeling Jimmy. Perfect excuse not to talk!

However, when checking in with him this morning, Jimmy has no idea what she’s talking about; he was blackout drunk last night when she told him. Gretchen tells him again… and goes down on him again. (It worked the first time.) Except afterwards, Jimmy blurts out that he totally remembered and “stole” the BJ. He feels nothing about his father’s death and Gretchen is relieved! However, after an impromptu therapy session with Justina, Gretchen decides she needs to take Jimmy on a “sadness tour” to force him to mourn all in one day, lest the emotion come out later and ruin her Famous Pets of Instagram Cruise.

Jimmy is creatively blocked, so he agrees to Gretchen’s plan. They attend a funeral, but get horny instead and bang it out in an empty crypt. They go to a Color Me Mine, and find a bad dad just like Jimmy’s — but the dad proves to be a poor stand-in for Jimmy’s father when his kid is revealed to be a foul-mouthed monster. Gretchen’s last stop is a typical English pub, where she pretends to be Jimmy’s father, putting on a newsboy cap and berating Jimmy. It almost works, but Jimmy’s brewing emotion turns out to be just gas.

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Meanwhile, freaked out that Jimmy doesn’t care that his dad died, Lindsay decides she needs to take a baby class to learn how to actually parent so that her kids like her. So, she takes Paul to a Mommy-To-Be class, where they find the still-pregnant Becca and Vernon. Lindsay proves to be awesome at things like burping and swaddling, and Becca is forced to admit Lindsay was born to be a mother. Lindsay is freaked out by this revelation and bonds with a solo dad who is similarly overwhelmed. Lindsay misinterprets their heart-to-heart and tries to make out with the hunky stranger, proving once again how emotionally ill-prepared the “cockaholic” Lindsay is for parenthood (and, like, life in general).

Finally home, Jimmy discovers a jacket his father left during his visit last season, and in a final test, he sniffs it. Gretchen discovers Jimmy with all of his father’s stuff spread out on his bed… crying? When she approaches, however, she discovers he’s laughing. He goes on to explain that he finally feels something: happiness! He’s free! Jimmy shoves his father’s stuff into a drawer and the relieved (and emotionally immature) couple head upstairs to watch a murder doc, happy that’s over. But as soon as they leave, the drawer slides back open…

Some additional thoughts:

  • The little clock gag shows that Gretchen’s BJ lasts 5 minutes. Take that, Becca!
  • The way Lindsay asks for pancake syrup is to request “sticky sauce for these pan butts.”
  • We hear more of Jimmy’s erotic novel in this episode. The writers spent an entire day outlining the multi-generation horny epic, and now all we want to do is write it. (Someone pay us to write it!)
  • The little kid in the pottery place had to say to his father, “I wish you would suck my dick.” Poor guy didn’t want to say it in rehearsal and I felt like a monster making him say it, but it’s what he signed up for. (By the end we couldn’t get him to stop.)
  • Aya’s “impression” of Jimmy’s father in this episode fills me with great joy.
  • The final song is one of my favorites by the Brooklyn band Slothrust, who also do our title song. Getting to select songs (with help from my amazing music supervisor Tiffany Anders) is one of the best things about my job. That and the snacks.
  • In this episode, Edgar is off on a mission to finally see the Big Kahuna doctor at the V.A. We only get a glimpse of him, midday, drinking in an undisclosed location, then at the end of the day, happy and high? We will learn what really happened to Edgar this day in next week’s episode

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