Meet the man who has taken over Chris Hardwick's late-night show
Credit: Comedy Central

Chris Hardwick has been the host and face of @midnight since the late-night show launched on Comedy Central in 2013, but this week has seen a larger presence take over — Donald Trump.

On Monday, @midnight got a temporary name change to Trump Presents @midnight with Chris Hardwick as the Republican presidential nominee is “sponsoring” the show. Except not really: Comedian Anthony Atamanuik, who has mastered playing an even more outspoken and controversial version Trump than the real candidate, plays the former reality television host on the Comedy Central show.

While Atamanuik has appeared on popular comedies such as Broad City, 30 Rock, and Difficult People, the Upright Citizens Brigade veteran is starting to make a name for himself with his popular impersonation of Trump.

It all started last October at the UCB theater in New York, where Atamanuik and fellow comedian James Adomian staged a fake debate between Trump and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. While the real-life Trump and Sanders never debated, the comedic battle between the two faux politicians prompted a comedy album, tour, and debate on @midnight, which has been watched over 6 million times on YouTube.

Already this week on Trump Presents @midnight, Atamanuik’s version of the candidate has made a plea to Angelina Jolie to be his next wife, made out with “Ivanka Trump,” and played skittle roulette.

Watch some of the best videos of Atamanuik as Trump below.

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