'Friday the 13th' has also been delayed
Credit: Paramount Pictures

The third installment of Paramount’s The Ring franchise won’t be haunting Halloween after all. The studio has delayed the release date for Rings by three months, sending it to Feb. 3, 2017.

The date change marks the third time the film has been pushed. It was originally scheduled for Nov. 13, 2015, then for April 6 of this year, and then Oct. 28.

Spanish filmmaker F. Javier Gutiérrez is directing Rings, which promises to bring the horror series about a cursed video into the digital age. The movies are based on the Japanese chiller Ringu.

Paramount also announced that its slasher reboot Friday the 13th has been bumped nine months, from Jan. 13, 2017, to a seasonally appropriate Oct. 13.

And yes, Oct. 13 is a Friday.

Friday the 13th
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