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Season two finale spoilers below.

There’s a game the cast of Mr. Robot plays anytime they’re around series creator Sam Esmail in between seasons. As the keeper of the show’s myriad secrets, Esmail holds the keys to not only the cast members’ characters, but their futures on the show. Sometimes the stars succeed at unlocking the secrets, but usually not.

How much has Portia Doubleday been able to pry out of Esmail about her character, Angela’s, 28-minute conversation with White Rose (B.D. Wong)?

“I begged him,” Doubleday said. “Begged him. The thing is — and this is tricky for me, so I just roll with the punches — you can trust Sam. I like to know everything that’s going on, so it’s tricky for me. I remember that I asked him, and he clued me in to give me some direction, because there is a huge turn in her demeanor when she sees Antara.”

While Doubleday won’t say what that direction was, two things are clear: The conversation was significant, and answers are coming.

“Something has transpired between her and White Rose that has changed her— I don’t know if I can say her personality, as much as there’s been a huge internal shift in her thinking,” she said. “I know a little bit about it, but I think that will be something you learn in season 3.”

And then there was the cliffhanger-y phone call between Angela and the recently resurfaced Tyrell Wellick — two characters who practically never have interacted before — where they both expressed their love for Elliot (Rami Malek).

“This is my opinion based on my own hypothesis,” Doubleday said about the phone call. “I do think that there is a major clue as to what’s going on — I could be wrong — in what he tells her. But who knows? It could also be that she’s extremely malleable at that point, and he’s able to manipulate her, but I do think that he tells her something pretty profound that will play out in a way that involves many different characters.”

Mr. Robot has been greenlit for a third season.

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