Bell's mom wanted her to 'fit in with the boys' on the baseball team

By Allison Sadlier
Updated September 22, 2016 at 03:38 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

Everyone has that one childhood haircut that has them hoping the photographic evidence never sees the light of day. Kristen Bell bravely showed her own ghastly style from her youth on The Late Late Show With James Corden Wednesday night.

The actress played on a boys baseball team as a kid and her mother wanted her to fit in with the guys. “I was scrappy,” Bell told host James Corden. “My mother made sure that I would not take any flak from anybody because she gave me a real disastrous sort of haircut.”

Thankfully, Bell shared a picture of herself with the questionable ‘do, eliciting “awws” from the audience.

Bell also delved deep into her mother’s thought process, saying, “What she did to make sure I fit in with the boys was [she] took the bangs past the ear, past the forehead, past the ear, all the way down to the back, which I believe we now call a mullet, but I was one of the first.”

The actress laughed and added, “They’re no longer bangs if you take them past the ear.”

Watch the full video below.

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