By Christian Holub
September 22, 2016 at 11:22 AM EDT

Bridget Jones’s Baby is out in theaters now, and unfortunately it doesn’t include James Corden. Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Late Show explained why, as Corden went through auditions for the film.

The sketch, which featured star Renee Zellweger, found Corden as the film’s new British lead, a replacement for Hugh Grant. Corden’s audition had him react to news of Jones’ pregnancy. “Well, bugger me, Bridget,” Corden said in his best approximation of Grant. But Zellweger and her producer explained that they didn’t want Grant, that’s why they didn’t cast him.

So Corden tried again, this time exclaiming “good lord, Bridget Jones! That’s absolutely bally extraordinary!” in his best Downton Abbey voice. As the audition went on, Corden just cycled through more British stereotypes, eventually adding costumes into the mix as he imitated Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Queen Elizabeth, Austin Powers, and even Gandalf. By the end, Zellweger was exasperated: “What if we made him American?” Cue Patrick Dempsey.

Watch the clip below.