Blue Jay

Last year, brothers Mark and Jay Duplass signed a four-movie deal with Netflix, and now the first film from that agreement — a dreamy black-and-white romance starring Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson — will soon be coming to the streaming service.

EW has the exclusive first trailer for Blue Jay, which follows former high school sweethearts Jim (Duplass) and Amanda (Paulson) as they have an impromptu run-in at the grocery store in their California hometown. It’s been decades since they’ve seen each other: He’s in town to sell his mother’s house after her recent death, while she’s visiting her pregnant sister. A few minutes spent catching up in the grocery store soon stretches into hours, as they quiz each other about their new lives and reminisce about the time they spent together.

Duplass wrote the script, with first-time narrative feature director Alex Lehmann serving as director and cinematographer.

Blue Jay will debut in theaters on Oct. 7 before heading to digital and VOD platforms on Oct. 11 and Netflix soon after.

Blue Jay
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