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Updated September 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Don’t try to squeeze out any American Horror Story spoilers from any of the actors. It’s not worth the trouble.

Entertainment Weekly: The Show welcomed Denis O’Hare on a recent episode. Host Ricky Camilleri pressed the costar for a piece of information about season 6, subtitled Roanoke. O’Hare has two words: tough luck.

“This will surprise you: We actually don’t know anything. We’re not lying,” he told Camilleri. “It’s actually really easy to keep your mouth shut. We don’t get all the scripts. When you do get a script, you get it late — and even if you get the script, you don’t know what’s happening, so you’re like, ‘Uh.'”

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O’Hare, an AHS veteran, gave an example of how showrunner Ryan Murphy uses the mystery of the plot to stoke certain acting performances.

“In season 1, I —spoiler alert — supposedly killed my family and my wife. That’s what I thought when I shot it,” O’Hare said. “And then we get to episode 6, and it was a lie. I didn’t kill them. In episode 9, Tate killed them. I didn’t know that.”

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