Kerry Washington and (surprise!) Ellen DeGeneres also pop up on Oakley's first show

By Rachel DeSantis
September 21, 2016 at 05:02 PM EDT

The power of love is still strong for Celine Dion, as she treated Tyler Oakley to a kiss on the vlogging superstar’s new talk show Wednesday.

The legendary Canadian singer and the social media sensation played a game aimed at helping them “become better best friends forever.” After Oakley explained the rules, they reached into a tank featuring a sinking Titanic figurine and asked each other questions written on seashells. For Celine’s turn, she pulled out a shell that read, “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Oakley sheepishly admitted that he had tried it once, but it wasn’t for him, and Dion quickly set out to change his mind.

“Should we try?” she asked, to which Oakley responded with a hesitant, “Should we?” After Dion insisted they should, the two shared a short peck, which Dion followed up with a conch-shell call to her late husband, Rene, assuring him that “everything is OK, don’t worry. I was not cheating, it’s just like, a spontaneous thing.” Though the kiss was brief, it was “everything,” said Oakley.

Next up on the show, which airs on, Ellen DeGeneres’ digital network, was Kerry Washington — Scandal star, pregnant mother, and…Disney fanatic? “Up until I was 30, I cried every time I left Disneyland,” she revealed.

As the two began a game of Word Association, a special guest showed up: DeGeneres herself. The three played Three-Way Word Association, and helped Tyler come up with his very own short and sweet send-off: ‘Thank you.’

Check out the full video below.