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In honor of tonight’s fifth season finale of MTV’s Catfish, we’re taking a look at some of the reality show’s most totally bats— episodes to date.

Quite the fisherman: Earlier this season, when single mom Jayme reached out to hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph about a man named Lucas, she already knew he was up to no good. After all, she’d already connected with another of his online ladies, a woman named Ursula. What she didn’t know — and what left Nev and Max completely floored — was that the man behind the account, a guy named Zac, had been in online “relationships” with around 400 woman across the globe. Oh, and that many of them had sent him intimate photos of themselves. Classy dude.

Nev tosses the phone: For the most part, Nev and Max are able to keep their cool while filming Catfish episodes, but when it came to “Lucille and Kidd Cole,” Nev lost it. When Kidd Cole wasn’t interested in owning up to his actions, Nev let his temper get the best of him when he tossed Kidd Cole’s cell phone into the river, hoping the action would force him to talk. It might not have worked, but it created a moment we’ll never forget.

Catfish, meet ghost: In a truly unique episode from season 5, an 18-year-old named Kayla contacted the show about a woman named Courtney who’d reached out to her via Facebook and claimed to have been communicating with Kayla’s deceased father Frankie. Aside from Kayla, everyone on the show — from Kayla’s aunt to Nev and Max — were convinced Courtney was a fraud. And while the episode may not have made a total believer of its audience (or its hosts), it was certainly an odd, and oddly tearjerking installment.

The cousin did it: Most Catfish episodes feature family members who are either skeptical or supportive. But when it came time for “Antwane and Tony,” the family drama reached a new level. After much of the episode was spent searching for Tony, Antwane’s cousin Carmen announces, out of the blue, that she been Tony this entire time. And yes, she can make her voice sound like a man. Apparently, she catfished her cousin because he once called her fat.

Nev and Max get catfished: At first glance, season 4’s Whitney and Bre’s love story seemed pretty typical for the show: They’d never met in person, Bre couldn’t video chat with Whitney or add her as a friend on Facebook. But as Nev and Max began their research, things started to smell, well, fishy. Turns out, they had video-chatted and held many a conversation on Facebook. They were just trying to see if they could get on the show and score a free trip to finally meet in person. And it worked, even if their initial ruse didn’t.

Best friend’s baby daddy connection: In “Tiana and James,” Tiana was hoping to meet the man she had connected with over the Internet. Throughout her journey, she had her best friend, Aisha, by her side. Well, much to Aisha’s surprise, she was more than just the best friend in this scenario. It turned out that Aisha’s baby daddy was the one who’d been talking with Tiana the entire time. Talk about drama.

The glass eye: There are certain things you expect on Catfish: Lies, family drama, sob stories, etc. But one thing we never could’ve anticipated happened in season 2, when the “Mike and Kristen” episode featured Kristen popping out her glass eye. It wasn’t a big moment, but it’s one we won’t soon forget.

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