Carol and Morgan began season 6 of The Walking Dead on complete opposite sides of the philosophical spectrum when it came towards lethal violence. But they each ended the season in a very different place from where they started.

For Carol, her grief over all the people she had killed — 18 by her count before she started mowing down Saviors in the middle of the road — put her in a fragile emotional state where it looked like she was ready and almost wanting to die. “I would agree that I don’t think it would have mattered in that moment to her if that Savior had just taken her out,” says Melissa McBride. “And this is just the despair that she’s feeling, this internal despair that she’s feeling, and it’s going to be interesting in season 7 to see how this plays out in this new world.

But while Carol seemed prepared to lose her own life in order to not have to kill others to protect those she loves, in a twist overshadowed by that massive cliffhanger, it was Morgan that saved her by abandoning his no-kill policy to pump not one, but six bullets into the Savior hovering over Carol.


As McBride tells it, Carol’s philosophical issue about having to kill others to protect her own may not have been solved just because she watched the previous kill-phobic Morgan do it for her. “Just because Morgan carried out that action, I don’t know if that’s going to change Carol’s mind about how she feels herself in this world,” says McBride. “I mean, it’s an inevitability. How can she live with what’s inevitable, is the problem. There’s really no getting around it and she knows that, and now Morgan realizes that, but that doesn’t change Carol’s mind about herself in this world. Or does it?”

We’ll have to wait until the show picks back up on Oct. 23 and we see what Carol and Morgan make of King Ezekiel and the Kingdom to find out. For more Walking Dead scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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