By Christian Holub
Updated September 20, 2016 at 04:26 PM EDT

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump interview last week provoked a lot of online criticism, but his late-night rivals stayed mum. That is, until Monday night, when Samantha Bee slammed both Fallon and his NBC bosses for normalizing Trump to mainstream audiences.

“Why do so many Americans think playing footsie with fringe hate groups isn’t a disqualifer from polite society, much less the presidency? Maybe because that’s the message they get from entertainment giants like NBC,” Bee said. “To their credit, NBC did sever ties with Trump after he called Mexicans rapists — if by ‘severing ties’ you mean ‘inviting him on their flagship comedy programs to show millions of Americans what a fun guy he is.'”

Bee slammed both Fallon’s coddling treatment of Trump on The Tonight Showand NBC letting the candidate host Saturday Night Live last year.

“Aww, Trump can be a total sweetheart with someone who has no reason to be terrified of him,” Bee said. “I notice there were no cutaway shots to The Roots. I wonder why. Network execs and a lot of their audience can ignore how very dangerous Trump is because to them, he isn’t. They’re not gonna be deported. They’re not gonna live under a president who thinks of them as a collection of sex toys. They’re not racist, they just don’t mind if other people are, which is just as bad.

Watch the clip below.