Like a lethal, flying silver sphere, the Phantasm horror franchise is returning this year to drill its way back into the collective consciousness. On Oct. 4, a restored version of writer-director Don Coscarelli’s nightmarish 1979 film Phantasm — now titled Phantasm: Remasteredand the new, fifth film in the franchise, called Phantasm: Ravager, will be available to watch via digital HD and VOD before the pair zoom their way into theaters Oct. 7. And the newly released trailer for the latter, premiering exclusively here, would seem to have pretty much everything a Phantasm fan could want from what Coscarelli has said will be the last entry in the franchise. Certainly, it has no shortage of balls.


“It’s a swan song to the series,” Coscarelli says. “There’s some new iterations of those brain-shucking spheres and a lot of good stuff that the fans will enjoy. It ties up a lot of the storylines and answers some questions that fans have had.”

Phantasm: Ravager is directed by David Hartman, co-written by Hartman and Coscarelli, and executive-produced by Brad Baruh. The film will premiere Sept. 25 at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. See the new trailer above.