Now that we’ve gotten a good look at the new trailer for Passengers — and this thing looks good, right? — we’ve isolated some of our favorite moments from the footage.

Read on for a breakdown (with GIFs) of the most out-of-this-world scenes from the first look at Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s sci-fi adventure/love story — ahead of its arrival in theaters on Dec. 21.

They may be the only people awake out of 5,000 passengers, but thank heavens Aurora (Lawrence) knows where to get the perfect LBD for a first date with Jim (Pratt). Honorable mention to Jim using robot technology to ask her out in the first place.

The awakening: there’s something really sort of horrifying of realizing that you are a) the only one awake and B) you are not going to make it to the new century and planet. Here we see Jim just about to realize all these things.

You jump, I jump — but in space! Here we see Aurora and Jim staring down the great infinite sea in the sky from the edge of the ship. Terrifying! But, awww: they’re also holding gloved hands together for just a moment.

Okay, confession: this is my true favorite moment from the trailer. Michael Sheen is a robot. I’ll repeat, Michael Sheen is a robot! In formal wear! It’s a little upsetting to see him smash some glasses on the bar with his face when the things on the spaceship go kablooey, but I also sort of just love it.

Watch out Chris Pratt, she’ll chew you up! Here’s a sultry Lawrence planting one on our hero.

The only thing scarier than outer space in general, is your ship obviously malfunctioning. In space. Here we see what looks to be a terrifying mission on the outside of the ship. Gulp.

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