Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Brit rockers Oasis never went (Champagne) supernova in America in the same way they did in their homeland. But the tale of the always mouthy, forever-battling Gallagher bothers — singer Liam and guitarist-songwriter Noel — remains one of music’s most entertaining tales of sibling rivalry.

Now, that story is detailed in a new documentary called Supersonic which, it was announced Tuesday, A24 is releasing in theaters for one-night-only, Oct. 26.

Supersonic is directed by Mat Whitecross, whose previous credits include 2010’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (which also sounds like the name an Oasis documentary, but is in fact a biopic of the late singer, Ian Dury).

See the documentary’s trailer below and find the whole movie available on iTunes and VOD.