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The Case Of: Jon Benét Ramsey

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A panel of experts advanced a theory that they have figured out who killed JonBenét Ramsey — and they’re pointing the finger at her older brother, Burke.

In the two-part CBS docuseries The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, the experts develop a theory of what happened on Christmas 1996.

The team included forensic scientists, FBI agents, pathologists, and a criminal behavioral analyst. Many of the people on the panel, like investigator James Kolar, have been involved in the investigation of the case from the beginning.

On the show, the team theorized that Burke Ramsey had killed his sister — but they think that her death was an accident.

The Theory

The investigators spent much of the episode disproving the theory that an intruder had entered the home to commit the murder. Among the evidence they cited: the window that an intruder would have used was covered by undisturbed cobwebs.

Instead, the team has constructed a series of events that led to her death. According to them, JonBenét was asleep when the Ramseys came home from Christmas dinner. While John Ramsey put her to bed, Patsy served Burke some pineapple and tea. Then, according to the team, JonBenét woke up and took a piece of Burke’s pineapple, enraging the 9-year-old boy. The team theorized that he grabbed a flashlight and hit her on the head.

Then Patsy and John would have staged a crime scene to protect their son, the experts alleged. The team says it was a horrible accident, but not intentional.

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Burke’s Strange Demeanor

In the special, the team of experts noted Burke’s odd behavior during the police questioning. They said that he appeared to be evasive and emotionless during the interrogation.

Burke Ramsey, now 29, has faced similar criticism with his recent Dr. Phil interview.

But some analysts who watched the interview warn that awkwardness doesn’t prove guilt.

“I’m astonished at the conclusions that people can make about someone’s guilt or innocence based on an interview they see on television,” legal analyst Scott Robinson tells PEOPLE. “He was awkward and didn’t show much emotion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

Ultimately, however, the television attention may not make any difference in the case.

“Burke Ramsey’s appearance on Dr. Phil has not changed anything,” says Shannon Cordingly, a spokesperson for the Boulder Police. “We’re continuing our investigation.”

The Case Of: Jon Benét Ramsey

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