By Christopher Rosen
Updated September 20, 2016 at 03:25 PM EDT
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Even Hillary Clinton was prepared to make jokes about Jimmy Fallon’s softball interview with Donald Trump.

During her stop on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which taped last week but aired Monday night, Clinton dinged Fallon for his questions to the GOP presidential candidate while participating in a larger bit about what Trump left behind in Fallon’s green room.

“He left these for you: softballs,” Clinton said after pulling a bundle of softballs out of a crumpled paper bag. “That was my gift to him,” Fallon replied, adding to Clinton, “I’ll give them to you later in the interview.”

Fallon was slammed for his Trump interview, but the host later explained that he treated the former reality television host like any other guest on his show. “Have you seen my show?” Fallon said to a TMZ cameraperson when asked about the controversy after Sunday’s Emmys. “I’m never too hard on anyone. We’ll have Hillary [Clinton] on tomorrow, and we’ll do something fun with her too.”

The host and Clinton did have some more fun, beyond the softballs. Trump’s “bag” also included a photo of Russian president Vladimir Putin inside a heart-shaped frame.

“The most famous bromance going,” Clinton said, before Fallon added “besides me and [Justin] Timberlake.”

“Justin’s worthy of your attention,” the Democratic nominee replied. “Last I checked, he hadn’t killed off his adversaries.”

In addition to Putin, Clinton also took aim at Trump’s rhetoric and views on President Barack Obama. “For five years he’s been hammering in this so-called birther movement,” Clinton said. “Which I think is so sickening. Then he went after a distinguished federal judge, because he was born in Indiana of Mexican heritage; called him a Mexican. He went after a gold-star family whose son was heroically lost in Iraq because they’re Muslims. You just have to take a deep breathe and say to yourself, ‘What kind of country do we really want?’ I want a country where barriers are knocked down, and little girls and little boys can feel like they can go as far as their hard work can take them without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation. All of that.”

Watch the full show below; the Clinton interview starts around the 12-minute mark.