Kristen Bell, Ellen DeGeneres bring Disney characters to life in an adorable scene

By Joey Nolfi
Updated September 20, 2016 at 04:48 PM EDT
Credit: Warner Bros.
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Though Frozen‘s Princess Anna and Finding Nemo‘s Dory have yet to cross paths on the big screen, the actresses behind the Disney and Pixar creations brought their iconic animated characters to life for an adorable improvised scene on Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“How fun would this be?” DeGeneres asked Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna in the contemporary Disney classic, before handing the A Good Place actress a face-in-hole rendering of the animated princess. “You have children, and you can imagine your children at home watching you and Dory talk to each other, you know?”

Donning their respective cutouts, the pair improvised a scene in which Dory and Anna meet for the first time.

“Hi, Dory. I’m Princess Anna!” Bell said. DeGeneres, playing up the amnesiac fish’s short-term memory loss, followed up with: “Hi, I’m Dory. Who are you?”

Bell continued, “Do you want to build a snowman?” to which DeGeneres responded, “I’d love to build a snowman… I’m Dory, who are you?”


Watch the full interaction between Bell and DeGeneres below, and be sure to catch the complete segment on Ellen when it premieres Tuesday, Sept. 20. Check local listings to see when the episode airs in your area.

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