By Danielle Jackson
Updated September 19, 2016 at 08:06 PM EDT
Credit: Jason LaVeris
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James Marsden has been a member of the X-Men, a singing prince in Enchanted, and vied for Rachel McAdams’ affections in The Notebook, but there’s still one role he passed on that he wishes he hadn’t.

During an interview for the latest issue of GQ, the 43-year-old actor got candid about life in Hollywood, including how he had been up for (and turned down) a role in Magic Mike.

Marsden said that director Steven Soderbergh offered him a role in the Channing Tatum-starring male strippers movie, but he was hesitant and ultimately passed on the part.

“Soderbergh is one of my favorites,” he told GQ. “But I didn’t know if I trusted myself to be good enough in this to not have my two dozen lines end up on the editing-room floor. I’d look like a naked extra in this movie.”

Marsen doesn’t say which Magic Mike part he was offered, but does admit that he now regrets turning it down.

“It’s perfect the way it worked out, but that’s one of the only ones I’m like, Hmm. I didn’t know it was gonna be the massive success that it was,” he said.

Marsen will appear next in the HBO drama Westworld, which premieres Oct. 2. Head to GQ for his full interview.

Magic Mike

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