By Will Robinson
September 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Larry Watson/HBO

Garry Shandling, the influential comic behind The Larry Sanders Show, was honored at the 68th annual Emmy Awards by his former costar and friend, Jeffrey Tambor.

“It seems appropriate that we celebrate comedy, we remember a legendary stand-up, fantastic Emmys host, a great real late-night host, a great fake late-night host, a great fake late-night host who David Duchovny was sexually attracted to,” Tambor said Sunday night, minutes before winning Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. “He was happy with his poor vision, because he said it meant he could date anybody.

“Anyway, I could tell many, many of my favorite jokes about Garry Shandling, whom I miss very much. But I think it’s better to let him do it,” Tambor added, before using his signature Sanders line: “So, Garry: Hey now!”

What followed was a collection of Shandling-isms throughout the years, clips of the late comedian during awards shows, on his sitcoms, and even riding shotgun to grab some coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

Shandling died March 24 of a heart attack and was mourned by many within and outside comedy.

“I am so sad,” Tambor said at the time. “Garry was my dear friend and was and always will be my teacher. Garry redesigned the wheel of comedy and he was the kindest and funniest of Geniuses. I will miss him so much.”