Credit: NBC

Someone like Miley Cyrus can’t be held down in a creative box, but Jimmy Fallon stuck her in a phone booth.

Following his controversial interview with Donald Trump earlier in the week, the singer joined the host of The Tonight Show for a few rounds of Phone Booth, a game in which players are asked questions from inside a phone booth. For each wrong answer they give, one mystery person will be shoved in their booths.

Cyrus, who’s publicly expressed her love for marijuana, was only able to list two out of three states in the U.S. where the drug is legal to use. So she was soon joined by an insect expert carrying a live tarantula. Similarly, Fallon only knew one out of four ingredients that go into a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and he was forced to share a booth with NBA All Star and Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez.

And it only got more complicated from there. Watch the game play out in the video below.

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