Christian Slater is part of Bachelor Nation.

Speaking on the red carpet at Friday night’s EW Pre-Emmys Party, the Mr. Robot star revealed the ABC reality show has become a recent obsession.

“Me and my wife are just binging on Bachelor in Paradise, to be honest with you. We’re nuts for that darn show,” he said.

As Slater explained, his interest in the dating competition franchise began with UnREAL, the Lifetime drama based on The Bachelor and its ilk. That led to a sampling of The Bachelorette, and then Bachelor In Paradise.

“I’ve totally been recruited,” Slater added, professing his love for “all those people” on the show — including the villainous Chad.

“Chad on Bachelorette was a really tough character,” Slater joked. “Nobody really talks about him anymore, but I still like Chad.”