One word: Plastics.

Two more words: Chapter Three.

The third portion of the four-part Go Rogue stop-motion animated series continues revealing new playthings from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this time focusing mainly on the 3.75-inch Hasbro action figures that are meant for the backyard rather than the collector’s shelf.

When last we left our miniature heroes, the Rebels had fled with Book One of the Empire’s instruction manual for a LEGO Death Star kit. In this one, the stormtroopers serving Director Krennic (now an action figure, not a Funko Pop) manages to get their white gloves on the manual.

If you’re following along … don’t try to hard. The story is starting to make about as much sense as a little kid strung out on Juicy Juice boxes and Fun Dip. There’s a battle involving an AT-ACT playset (one of the higher-end Hasbro sets, retailing for $279.99) and Jyn Erso reveals she already has Book Two of the Death Star plans.


This series is meant to kick off a contest Lucasfilm is hosting for fans who want to make their own Toy Story/Star Wars films. The competition for teens and adults starts Sept. 30, when many of these toys will be released, and closes on Oct. 30. (The is a junior league version of the competition for kids ages 8–12.)

Winners will visit Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco for a big-screen viewing of their shorts, followed by a preview screening of Rogue One.

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