Credit: Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

Jonah Hill may be known for comedic roles like the ones in 21 Jump Street and Superbad, but he definitely wasn’t laughing after being mocked by a French weather anchor during a recent interview on a local television program.

Hill was appearing with Miles Teller on Le Grand Journal to promote their film War Dogs when Ornella Fleury first joked that she fell for the actor after seeing him in This is the End. “When I saw you get sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon … I told myself, ‘Now that’s the man of my dreams,’” she said.

The actor, who was getting Fleury’s remarks translated via an earpiece, replied, “I heard you get sodomized quite often.”

Fleury continued with another joke about a “sexual fantasy” she had about Hill, saying, “We would meet up in a hotel room at night. We would chat, you’d make me laugh. Then all of a sudden, you’d bring your friends [Leonardo] DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and then you’d go away.”

Hill didn’t seem to find it funny. “I’m glad I came on this show to get ridiculed by your local weather girl,” he said back.

After that interview, Hill reportedly canceled press interviews at the Deauville Film Festival, where War Dogs was screening.

Fleury has since issued an on-camera apology to Hill for her jokes. According to a translation from The Local, she said, “Jonah, the problem is that for 10 years I have lived with you through your films. In fact, Jonah, I really had the impression that I knew you so last Friday I thought I was just messing around with a friend, but the reality is that we are not friends.”