Brace yourselves, Rolling Stones fans.

During a sit-down with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel revealed some personal information that his fans might not know – or like – about him.

Asked how his close friends would describe him, Kimmel responded, “I am a very good gift giver. I’m sure that they have nasty things that they say about me too, but that’s what they share.”

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host, 48, whose late-night program is nominated for best variety talk series at Sunday’s Emmy Awards, might come across as outgoing on television, but he said otherwise during the interview. “Only I know that I know that I am very shy. Well, maybe there are a few other people – like my parents and stuff like that – but generally I’m shy and being well-known helped me with that.”

When it comes to music for the Emmy Awards host, he admitted to being a fan of Madonna (“Into the Groove” always makes him dance) but thinks The Rolling Stones are overrated.

“I know it’s a shocker, but I saw them at Dodger Stadium and I don’t know, it seems to me like they’re doing a lot of old blues songs. I guess I just missed that. It’s not my thing,” Kimmel told PEOPLE. “I love The Beatles. I just think when people compare The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, it’s insane because The Beatles are the greatest band that ever was and The Rolling Stones – I don’t know, maybe I waited too long to see them.”

Another thing that doesn’t fly with the late-night host? Ketchup on hot dogs.

“My daughter wanted to put ketchup on her hot dog and I just said, ‘I just have to put my foot down here. I’m just not going to have a kid that has ketchup on their hot dog and that’s that.’ I’m sorry, she can scream all she wants, but this is not happening,” the New York native admitted.

Kimmel is slated to host the 68th annual Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday, which will air live from Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, starting with red carpet coverage at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.