By Ruth Kinane
September 16, 2016 at 01:18 PM EDT
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Danny McBride’s friends mean a lot to him. On Thursday night’s episode of Conan, the Vice Principals actor shared with the talk show host how he still frequently works with the same group of college buddies he met when he was just 18 years old.

“We went to an art school in North Carolina, so we’re all weirdos,” he says of the group of writers, camera operators, sound guys, and production designers, agreeing that collaborating with them is a big part of his success.

And just like any work buddies, McBride and his pals have gone on work retreats to help fuel their creativity, only they like to call their getaways “vision quests.” The comedian goes on to share with O’Brien how he and the guys would go out to Joshua Tree in California every year and eat mushrooms in an attempt “to expand their minds.”

However, it turns out that one of these trips got a little too trippy, and rather than help the creative folks find themselves, they made some other more unsettling discoveries…or so they thought.

“One of the last vision quests I remember, we had gone out there and it was late at night,” explains the actor. “Most people were partaking in the quest, and there was a few people who were just watching… I was kind of by myself, and I looked out over the ridge, over the mountain, and I was like, ‘That’s a humongous white light coming right towards us. What is that?’ And I started looking.”

The actor continued: “I called all my other friends. I was like, ‘Look at this light that’s coming towards us.’ And everyone was like, ‘It’s a UFO. Oh my God, this is a UFO.'”

For five minutes, the guys panicked and even said their goodbyes, believing the approaching light was a threat.

“Then one of the guys who was just watching us, was like, ‘Guys, that’s the moon,'” admits McBride. “I think at that point we kind of realized, we’re not really expanding our minds — we’re actually just becoming dumber.”

Hey, at least they learned something. Mission quest: success.

Watch the hilarious clip below.

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