As you watch for hours on end, we've got the recaps to guide you through
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Planning to spend your weekend indoors watching TV for hours and hours on end? It’s okay to admit it — we’ll be doing the same.

To guide you through these couch-potato marathons, we’ve selected our favorite shows to binge this weekend. Below you’ll find mega-recaps for each of the series to guide you in your viewing. So whether you’re just dipping your feet into the Upside Down of an ’80s thriller, sailing the seas again with Marco Polo, or taking a trip to Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen, read along with our recaps and bonus articles as you watch. We’ll be your go-to source throughout the weekend.


Credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios

The third season of Amazon’s groundbreaking series Transparent dropped on Friday, Sept. 23. Whether you’re saying hello or just reintroducing yourself to the Pfefferman family — neurotic Jewish mother Shelly (Judith Light), transgender “moppa” Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), and their three children, Sarah (Amy Landecker), Ali (Gaby Hoffman), and Josh (Jay Duplass) — we have you covered with season 1, season 2, and season 3 recaps.

Stranger Things

Summer’s unexpected Netflix hit, Stranger Things, gave viewers an ’80s-inspired, PG-rated, Spielberg-ian feeling that’s popular among all age groups. Set in Hawkins, Indiana, the show stars Winona Ryder and a slew of talented kids. Read recaps of all eight episodes here.

Luke Cage / Daredevil & Jessica Jones

Credit: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

As you’re making your way through Harlem and Luke Cage, read our takes of each episode. And for a full dive into Netflix’s Marvel world, read up on both seasons of Daredevil as well as the first season of Jessica Jones.

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One Mississippi

Credit: Amazon Studios

This semi-autobiographical show from comedian Tig Notaro dropped its first six episodes Sept. 9 on Amazon. To guide us through our binging, the cast and crew took EW behind the scenes for the whole first season. Read their thoughts on what went into making each episode.


Credit: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix

Netflix’s latest drop was the second season of Narcos, a drama centering around the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar. We tracked the War on Drugs throughout both of the first two seasons, which you can read about here.

Marco Polo

Credit: Phil Bray/Netflix

If ’80s Columbia isn’t your speed, maybe you’d be better bingeing Marco Polo, Netflix’s other period piece. The drama follows Marco Polo’s exploits through 13th century China. You can read individual recaps for season 1 here and a mega-recap for season 2 here.