By Eva Anderson
September 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of FXX’s sharp, raunchy, cult comedy, You’re the Worst, is taking EW behind the scenes. For each episode, one member is recapping, sharing thoughts on what went down, and walking us through the ins-and-outs of the show. This week, writer and producer Eva Anderson takes us through the third episode of season 3, “Bad News: Dude’s Dead.”

Hey, everyone! My name is Eva Anderson. I wrote last night’s episode of You’re the Worst: “Bad News: Dude’s Dead.” The kind folks at EW asked me to recap it, so here we go!

So, Gretchen still hasn’t told Jimmy that his dad died. When she pops up at her therapist Justina’s breakfast to vent, she’s told that she absolutely must deliver this news. So, Gretchen steals her therapist’s coffee mug and eats her scone, because Justina is bad at setting boundaries. But Gretchen can’t tell Jimmy yet, because he’s busy taking photos for his book jacket cover, and he distracts her by offering to take her on a cruise. That’s Gretchen’s dream vacation!

Lindsay warns Gretchen against telling Jimmy, lest she stop being “the fun sex hole.” Meanwhile, Lindsay has admitted to herself that she stabbed Paul, but has now decided to use her newfound powers of denial to “incept herself” into loving him again. They both try to force Edgar to tell Jimmy, but he’s stuck reprocessing a bad thing he did to a camel. Side note: You’re the Worst writer Shane Kosakowski is the world’s largest repository for every basic animal fact people learn in the first grade. Most of us have replaced these facts with stuff from New Yorker articles, but they’re still safe in his head. Edgar’s belief that a camel’s humps contain water is an example of this superpower.

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So, the full crew converges on the house to drop the bomb. But, they get derailed again when Jimmy announces that he’s taking Gretchen on a Famous Pets of Instagram-themed cruise. Chaos reigns! The celebration montage that follows is homage to the Skrillex-scored opening of Spring Breakers, down to the shot of Becca and Lindsay eating popsicles seductively. If you haven’t seen this movie, please Google it right now, but don’t watch it at your desk if you work for a corporation!

Finally, after Lindsay expresses some degree of feeling for Paul, and Vernon gives an impassioned speech about what he remembers the doctor saying when he was born dead, poor Gretchen is stuck telling Jimmy about the death of his father. And, as Jimmy reacts with stunned silence, Gretchen tries to cheer him up the only way she can: by becoming the fun sex hole again.

Some additional thoughts:

  • Aya Cash told me she based Gretchen’s reaction to the Pets of Instagram Cruise on the video of Kristen Bell meeting a sloth.
  • Speaking of the Pets of Instagram, why is one of them named “Bus Stop Goat”? This joke came from one of the other writers, and it makes me so confused and angry.
  • In other news, Killian’s father abandoned him at the Beverly Center, so he’s living alone in his house. Maybe he will be okay? I do not think he will.
  • Seriously, does the goat take the bus? Does he hang out at one bus stop or move between several? Who owns this goat? Is he a wild goat? Are there wild goats?! Shane, help me! (All Shane knows is, “Goats eat tin cans.”)
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