Justin Bartha admits falling asleep listening to NPR

By Will Robinson
Updated September 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

White Girl

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Justin Bartha stars in the drama White Girl. But as a white man, he succumbs to particular stereotypes about him. Entertainment Weekly: The Show host Ricky Camilleri asked him plain and simple: What’s the whitest thing about him?

“I would say sitting here with you having a conversation about our whiteness is pretty white,” Bartha replies.

Camilleri shared his fondness for NPR host Terry Gross, which prompted another answer from Bartha. “I did fall asleep listening to All Thing Considered last night,” he says. “That was pretty white.”

White Girl is the visceral and harrowing coming-of-age drama that throws its young heroine (played by Morgan Saylor) into a drug-fueled underbelly of New York City. The “white” in the title holds a double entendre of the illicit substance the protagonist becomes addicted to, in addition to the color of her skin. But there’s more to it than the simple premise.

“In the end, White Girl is painful because its characters reflect truths no one, regardless of age, wants to accept; that promises can often be empty, that insecure delusion often masks itself as genuine affection,” EW wrote in a B+ review.

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White Girl is in theaters now. Watch some of Camilleri and Bartha’s conversation in the video above.

White Girl

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