'Cat dude is serious'

By Derek Lawrence
Updated September 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Captain America: Civil War

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Last month, Leslie Jones scored a trip to Rio and a job as a contributor to NBC’s coverage of the Olympics after her hilarious Olympic tweets. Now, the comedian has turned her excitement on Twitter to Captain America: Civil War, which we can only hope will land her in the next Marvel film.

On Wednesday night, the Saturday Night Live actress decided to finally check out the year’s highest grossing film, and both she and social media were in for a treat. While Jones enjoyed much of the film, her favorite part surely seems to be her discovery of Black Panther.

As Chadwick Boseman makes his first appearance in costume, Jones tweeted a video of the action, saying, “What the f— son, is that a big ass cat?” Then as Boseman takes off his mask and reveals himself, she wrote, “at 1st I was like ‘are they arresting Capt. Amer?!’ Then when I saw him I was like man f— Capt America. Cat Dude!” A little later in her tweet binge, she added, “Cat dude is serious!!”

Jones may have loved Black Panther and other characters, such as Ant-man, but she also had a few problems with the film. Her first issue was with the real name of The Winter Soldier. She tweeted, “Um can someone tell me why ‘Bucky’ from Capt Amer so unstoppable and why would they name a unstoppable man ‘Bucky.’ Please Splain!”

In June, Jones watched Game of Thrones and gave her hilarious live reactions for a segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers. While GOT and Civil War would seem to have nothing in common, the comedian found a way to intertwine the two worlds. She tweeted, “Ok I don’t like all of the superheroes fighting each other. Don’t [they] know the whitewalkers are coming?”

The Black Panther film doesn’t come out until 2018, so Ryan Coogler is officially on the clock for finding the perfect role for Jones.

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