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South Park debuted its 20th season Wednesday night. To celebrate, GameSpot went back to the beginning to show how the title sequence for the Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated series has changed over the years, boiling down two decades of Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny into a 3-minute analysis.

While seasons 1 through 4 looked similar, the narration explains, characters were slowly added over the years, “such as the infamous Antonio Banderas blow-up doll — check out his chest hair.” The Chef Aid concert gets a nod in the season 3 open, and “in a bit of foreshadowing, Kenny is touched by the grim reaper.”

The first major change, the video notes, is in season 4, when the boys head off to 4th grade. “The music changes to a hip-hop techno mash-up straight out of the year 2000,” which include highlights from previous episodes and 3D models of the boys.”

Kenny’s death features prominently, before heading into the “arts and crafts” version of the title sequence for seasons 6 through 11, which included a construction paper version Stan.

Butters gets a shout-out for making the ending crowd shot with his handmade sign, and Kenny makes his return climbing onto the South Park sign. (The voice-over issues an appropriate warning to the death-prone youngster.)

While season 12 starts by zooming out of Stan’s eye, seasons 14 through 16 includes old clips of the characters, and the narrator points out Jersey Shore‘s Snooki among the crowd at the end.

Season 17 saw “an entirely new, 3-dimensional South Park,” complete with Kenny’s grave, and Marvin Marsh reading a newspaper with the headline “Who is Mysterion?”

Check out the supercut below, which also points out a few custom intros, including ones for Halloween, and the Game of Thrones-inspired title sequence.

South Park airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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