By Natalie Abrams
September 14, 2016 at 10:34 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season 2 premiere of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

During Blindspot‘s second season premiere, Jane Doe’s real name was revealed — both of them! But eagle-eyed readers may have already figured out her name before Wednesday’s debut.

With the blessing of executive producer Martin Gero and an assist from New York Times crossword constructor David Kwong, Entertainment Weekly revealed Jane Doe’s real name in plain sight on our website. But in true Blindspot fashion, we encrypted it, with subtle clues for fans to decode — and decode they did! Several fans were able to crack the code. But for those who didn’t, here’s how we did it:

Starting in the Aug. 5 edition of Spoiler Room, we randomly capitalized letters throughout Blindspot items — four letters per column over five weeks.

After all the letters had been revealed, Kwong, an advisor on the NBC series, provided one final clue to help you solve the puzzle:

To uncover Jane’s name

We have devised a game:

Be sure to take great pains,

For there are capital gains.

In “Spoilers” they’re concealed,

Here their meanings revealed:

A wolf in language of old;

Locked up, dank and cold;

Stank to the heavens for days;

And one with criminal ways.

Put these four in the mix,

And Jane’s name you will fix.

The clue tipped readers off that, once you had all the letters, there were four words:

A wolf in language of old — CANIS

Locked up, dank and cold — JAILED

Stank to the heavens for days — REEK

And one with criminal ways — ROGUE

If you also followed the last two lines of the clue — “Put these four in the mix/And Jane’s name you will fix” — you’d deduce they’re an anagram:

Jane Doe is Alice Kruger.

Jane, as we learned in the premiere, was born in South Africa, as was her brother, Roman (Luke Mitchell). Their parents were anti-Apartheid activists, so the government had them killed and placed the children in a secret academy that trained kids to become operatives. Shepherd (Michelle Hurd), the leader of the mysterious organization known as Sandstorm, was among the soldiers who liberated them, and she decided to raise the duo as her own. Jane’s name was originally Alice Kruger, but she changed it to Remi (more scoop on that here) to put her past behind her.

So, what’s in a name? “Alice comes from Down the Rabbit Hole or even Through the Looking-Glass,” Gero tells EW. “She’s going to the other side this time. If last season was about Jane trying to bring down the FBI, then this season is about Jane trying to take down Sandstorm. [It’s] that inversion and suddenly being in the foreign place with foreign people, so Alice just fit — and I’m just partial to “A” names, I don’t know why. Then Kruger was just a very, very popular South African name. Alice Kruger seems like a person who could get lost as apartheid was falling and people were escaping and not escaping.”

Congrats to those who solved the puzzle!

Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Read our full premiere postmortem with Gero here.

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