By Dalton Ross
Updated September 14, 2016 at 02:38 AM EDT
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He came. He saw. He got voted out.

He came again! He saw again! He got voted out again.

He came AGAIN! He saw AGAIN! And, yes, he got voted out again.

The third time was definitely not the charm for Big Brother’s Victor Arroyo as he was evicted for the third and final time, ruining his attempt to take home the half-million dollars. We caught up with the 25-year-old gym manager from Louisiana on his way to the jury house to ask him how and why it all went wrong…again.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did Corey and Nicole make the smart move in breaking up the final four pact and getting you out?

VICTOR ARROYO: Yes, they did. It just hurts because I was loyal to them in this game and I thought we had something more than just a game alliance. Short answer, yes.

Had Paul won HOH this week. Would you have stuck to your alliance and evicted James, or would you have taken a shot at Corey and Nicole?

I would have stuck to my alliance and evicted James.

Is there anyone you would have brought to the end with you in the final two instead of Paul, especially if they would have been easier to beat for the half-million dollars?

Had you made it to the end, do you think the jury would have held the fact that you were voted out twice against you, or would they have respected the way you fought your way back into the house multiple times?

I think they would have respected the way I fought my way back multiple times — more or less an underdog story. Coming back to the house twice I think would have helped me win. That and the fact that I had so many comp wins on my belt.

You’re off to the jury house, where you will be reunited with Michelle. How do you feel about her calling you out when she was evicted?

Her callout didn’t make much sense. She was mad at the fact that I had stopped hanging out with her, James, and Natalie after James and Natalie stabbed me in the back. Her callout was based on emotion. Aside from that, I do not have any bad taste in my mouth for Michelle. I’m just curious to see how she will receive me.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game or time in the house, what would it be?

Nothing. I did more than I ever imagined I could in this game. If I change anything it would have been different. Nothing, because I am happy with how I played. I played an honest game and I am proud of that.

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