By Ruth Kinane
September 13, 2016 at 05:05 PM EDT
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Timothy Olyphant has a dark secret. As revealed on Monday night’s episode of Conan, the actor used to steal things in his youth. 

When he was first starting out in the world of show business, he and his wife lived in a small New York city apartment and were pretty broke. So as a money-saving means, Olyphant developed a penchant for pinching hotel silverware when he ordered room service. We’ll let him explain:

“I’d get these lovely jobs where I’d go out and do a movie or a television thing,” he told the talk show host. “They’d fly you first class and they’d put you up in these lovely hotels. You feel like you’re living large, and then you order room service and it’s like $50 for a f—ing omelette! I just felt like there’s no way… the silverware must’ve been included — how could it not be? What are you paying for otherwise? So I would take the silverware home. That seems reasonable, right?”

He went on to describe a colorful collection of silverware courtesy of some the country’s finest hotels. “People would come over and be like, ‘I love this fork’ and I’d be like, ‘that’s from The Standard. Wait until you see the spoons from The Waldorf.’”

But don’t worry, he draws the line a stealing the hotel robes.

Watch the video above.

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