Devil's Bargain

At any given time, there’s a lot going on — and even more to see — on the Supernatural set. From rows and rows of flannel shirts to the occasional gurney, here are just some of the things EW encountered when visiting the set of the long-running CW drama in 2016.

The Men of Letters bunker

The only permanent set for the show is the Men of Letters bunker, which is as detailed as you’d expect, with all sorts of symbols on the floor, lights, and walls. As you can see when you watch the show, the room is equipped with a number of old radios, along with pressure gauges, and in one corner, even a huge telescope. But that’s not all…

  • In the library portion of the bunker, there are approximately 14 swords and two battle axes on display, along with an impressive collection of masks.
  • There are also SO. MANY. MAPS.
  • Pictures of former Men of Letters hang on every wall.
  • In one corner sits a record player, paired with a spot-on collection, featuring Van Halen’s 1984, and Nazareth’s Greatest Hits.
  • Three gas masks hang by a door.
  • The bunker library is filled with hilarious book selections. Some that stood out (for a variety of reasons): The Bible Story, The World’s Last Mysteries, Elements of Interior Design, The Children’s Bible, Behind God’s Back, The Book of the Epic, Too Many Ghosts, Through the Bible, Chinese Literature, Hell on Ice, and The Fault In Our Stars.
  • On one table, you’ll find a folder that contains a standard certificate of death from South Carolina, along with an article from The Philadelphia Globe with a headline that reads, “No Trace of Missing Woman, Police Have No Leads.”
  • On the upper level of the bunker entrance is a chess board… for all of the chess that the Winchesters play?

On active set

The episode EW was on set for involved a location shoot at a farm in Vancouver, as well as some scenes back on the stages. Between the two, here’s what we witnessed:

  • Lots and lots of gum. As Jensen Ackles put it, “Myself and Jared [Padalecki] always have gum in our mouths when we’re working.”
  • A horse-drawn buggy. (It has to do with the episode. Yes, Dean makes an “Amish paradise” joke.)
  • Two police cars, an ambulance, a coroner’s van, and a woman yelling about the devil.
  • A crew member wearing an “Always Keep Fighting” shirt.
  • Smoke machines around every corner.
  • Padalecki and Ackles joking with the crew/watching YouTube videos between takes.
  • A tied-up Sam Winchester. Because #Supernatural.

Around the stages

Considering the Men of Letters bunker is the only permanent set, walking around the show’s other, constantly-evolving stages can make for an interesting experience.

  • Both days EW was on set, there was some kind of pie/cobbler option served during lunch.
  • Take one wrong turn, and you find yourself in Hell. Literally. Much like the bunker, it also has a thing for maps (and candles).
  • Around the next corner is an extra morgue set, ready if needed.
  • And finally, you catch a glimpse of a partial Baby in front of a big green screen.

At props/wardrobe

What could serve as another stage is used to house 12 years worth of wardrobe and props, not to mention what the show absorbs from canceled WB projects. There, you will find…

  • Shelves and shelves of crucifixes, candles, holy figurines, and more.
  • A box labeled “Teenage Girl paperbacks.”
  • A box labeled “Holy Books.”
  • A box labeled “Coffee Table Books.”
  • A variety of animal heads to mount on any given wall.
  • A collection of baby bottles located directly next to a collection of wine glasses.
  • At least three of every kitchen appliance you can think of.
  • A box labeled “Coffin Skirting.”
  • One very sparkly pink boa.
  • A box labeled “Blood Splattered Sheets.”
  • A box labeled “Skull lights.”
  • A box labeled “Flicker bulbs.”
  • A sign that reads, “Attention All Morgue Attendants.”
  • Rows and rows (and rows) of flannel.
  • Boxes full of clothes and shoes for just about every character who has ever been on the show (because as fans know, anyone could come back at any time — even if they’re dead.)
  • Some notable boxes include: Charlie, Kevin Tran, The Trickster, Billie, Chuck, Ezekiel, and Donatello.
  • A box labeled “Nun Footwear.”
  • A box completely dedicated to Sam’s cowboy hats.
  • And last but not least, a gurney. Because what did you expect?

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